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Tres Holdings

Since our founding in 1997, TRES Holdings has acted as our holding company for the development and purchase of  assets. Having acted as Managing Member for scores of developments over the decades, TRES has long term funding agreements in place to place long term capital ranging from family offices to large institutional REITS. We match developments and investment opportunities with our partners.

Project Types

TRES has focused on the data center industry since the early 1990s. We have a complete team including development, financing and management of completed projects.

Development Size

Through our institutional partners, we can provide equity and mezzanine financing for projects ranging in size from $10 Million to $1 Billion.

Purchase of Completed Projects

Our main investment targets include:

  1. Long Term Triple net leased facilities

  2. Data Centers – recently completed

Similing Team

Private Data Centers

You may want to develop your own data center. We can finance your data center over a 20 year term and eliminate huge one time upfront costs. We have a program for medium sized data centers from 1200-2400 kW of critical load all built in a modular fashion. We handle the complete program and finance everything.

Here are a few examples of our projects:

  1. Sacramento – Northern California Data Center Description (PDF file)

  2. Carrier Center – Los Angeles Project Description (PDF File)

  3. Carrier Center – Dallas Project Description (PDF File)

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