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About Us

TRES Advisory Group


Our Mission

To Flawlessly Implement an Expedited Development Plan

Our Goals

  • To bring together the best team to develop your project

  • To be a trusted advisor to minimize cost of development

  • To handle every aspect of development and operations

  • To bring the best possible independent leasing team to your project

  • To fully lease your project for sale

  • Ultimately to bring success as part of your team

Since 1997, TRES has developed and facilitated large and complicated real estate projects. We are a bridge between capital and real estate development providing expertise to get developments secured, developed, funded and placed into institutional ownership.

Our data center development commenced in 1997 and continues strongly as we create value in new and older facilities that would otherwise be near their natural end of life.

Our strong infrastructure experience is assisting development as a partner and consultant in numerous markets throughout North America.

Telecom Center

About TRES

TRES is a privately owned company that participates with large and small developers on the purchase, management, renovation, and construction of real estate and infrastructure projects. Our company started development in the mission critical arena for the backbone of the internet. We quickly developed expertise in designing and managing the construction of electrical and mechanical systems that crossed over into other real estate projects.

As the internet blossomed in the late 1990’s, TRES was developing dozens of projects across the world for clients funded by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, CIBC World Markets and the leaders of Wall Street. We quickly developed the expertise to evaluate projects and determine where to get projects underwritten and financed.

Our development role led to us acting as fiduciary and principals when TRES developed “Carrier Center”, a portfolio of state of the art data centers. The TRES portfolio encompassed 2.1 million square feet of technical space which represented one of the largest technical inventories in the nation. TRES oversaw a team of real estate professionals in four offices that leased in excess of 2.5 million square feet for over a dozen long distance companies and 3 national CLEC’s.

After years of acting as principals on our development pipeline, we are returning to our roots of bringing together capital and development to scale development.

The TRES team comprises a real estate, legal, construction management, and design team that builds and that has 40 years of team experience. Our role is frequently as fiduciary and our underwriting is second to none!

Our Team

Kevin Keating
CEO and Founder
702-509-9627 (direct dial)
206-849-2935 (cell)

Kevin Keating has been in the commercial real estate industry since 1984 in Calgary. Kevin spent the first 13 years advising some of the largest landlords in North America in the positioning of their office assets. Representative projects include some of the most impressive office projects including the 2,000,000 sf Suncor Energy Center in Calgary, the 2,000,000 sf Arco Plaza in Los Angeles and Transamerica Center in Los Angeles. As the fiber optic revolution unfurled in the late 90’s, Kevin formed Telecom Real Estate Services at Cushman & Wakefield to represent some of North America’s largest technology companies in constructing the fiber optic network. Kevin’s clients constructed network operations and fiber optic infrastructure in over 40 cities and thousands of miles of fiber optic capacity.

During the late 90’s Kevin and his clients build some of the largest data centers in North America, Europe and South America. As the fiber revolution slowed, Kevin and his clients sold their portfolio at the peak of the market and moved back into traditional real estate.

The expert knowledge of technical aspects of real estate continue to be an area of interest to Kevin and his colleagues of TRES.


Eric Berman, Vice President of Construction Management

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