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Implementing Expedited Development Plans

Real Estate & Capital Partner since 1997

Bridging Capital & Real Estate Development

TRES Advisory Group

Real Estate Services

We are advisors and partners-not real estate brokers!


We provide a team approach to each assignment comprising legal, accounting and financial review. We are driven to provide our clients the best advice to maximize the value of an asset.

We bring an institutional underwriting approach to any real estate assignment. The key to our service is the depth of experience and level of advice we offer.

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Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Services division manages all aspects of facility development, from design through commissioning. This division ensures that every aspect of the project is considered and that a fully integrated solution is delivered in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.


TRES Holdings has acted as our holding company for the development and purchase of  assets. Having acted as Managing Member for scores of developments over the decades, TRES has long term funding agreements in place to place long term capital ranging from family offices to large institutional REITS. We match developments and investment opportunities with our partners.


Who We Are

About Our Company

Since 1997, TRES has developed and facilitated large and complicated real estate projects.

We are a bridge between capital and real estate development providing expertise to get developments secured, developed, funded and placed into institutional ownership.

Our data center development commenced in 1997 and continues strongly as we create value in new and older facilities that would otherwise be near their natural end of life.

Our strong infrastructure experience is assisting development as a partner and consultant in numerous markets throughout North America.


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Kevin Keating

CEO, TRES Advisory Group

What We do

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